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Opening Times

Takeaway only for now 5pm - 8:30pm

For Take away & Bookings

126 Pacific Hwy,
Roseville NSW 2069

× Dear customers, Due to the ongoing situation, and in response to government guidelines, we are unable to welcome you as dine-in customers Meanwhile, we will continue to provide takeaway and delivery services Please stay safe See you soon

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And so the story continues
Introducing the new look, but true to its two core values: fresh food and great customer service.

How many restaurants do you know that have been going strong for since 1976?

The very first Lebanese restaurant on the whole of the North Shore that has always maintained a very strong reputation backed by some very loyal customers

Recent renovation in early 2016 produced a very slick, modern and bright look, helped greatly by the new shopfront with bi-fold windows and the creation of a bar

This meant that we could now welcome our customers for lunch without compromising the dinner experience that is warm and moody provided by our new wooden tables, slick black chairs, a couple of leather bench seats and some wonderful new lights

The food is still the same, good old Lebanese. However, the menu has been freshened up, and now it's packed with lots of old favorites and some new ones that have been tried and tested as part of our chef's specials over the last couple of years. Dishes that have been well received by our customers who asked us to put them on the menu. What else could we do but listen?

And for the very first time, we are now open for lunch as well as dinner, and we are also open all day Sunday

We accept most cards and American Express

Bookings are advisable

See you soon

Nibbles & Dips


Small dishes


Larger dishes






chef's specials

Chef's specials